The EERI-SJSU members with the geometry instructor showing off the student’s structures. From left: Kai King, Bryce Lloyd, Dan Torrey, Robert Colato, Minh Nguyen, Anh Duong.

The Bay Area is a zone with a high risk of earthquake activity. As members of the EERI-SJSU Student Chapter, we understand that being located in the Bay Area gives us an opportunity to use what we’ve learned to help our community understand and better prepare for this common local hazard. Our community involvement works in two ways: education workshops for K-12 schools, and community outreach campaigns about household earthquake mitigation. Check out the news page to see recent outreach activities that EERI-SJSU has done. Also try the links below for further information about what you can do at your school or in your community to promote knowledge of earthquake engineering.

K-12 Education

Members of the EERI-SJSU Student Chapter provide workshops for students of all education levels to discover more about earthquakes and designing structures to resist them. The type of workshops range from classroom presentations with visual and hands-on teaching tools to shake table work shops were students can see models tested under earthquake conditions and even small competitions were students can test their own ideas. Each workshop is tailored to the type of school and education level of the students. The goal of the workshops of to provide students with a fun and informative introduction to the field of earthquake engineering and inspire future engineers and scientists to pursue higher education.

Outreach Campaigns

There are several ways that people in the high earthquake risk zones, like the Bay Area, can do to reduce the harmful effects that earthquakes produce. EERI-SJSU Student Chapter members campaign to educate the community on everything from emergency preparedness to household retrofitting to disaster response. The more that residents of the Bay Area understand about earthquakes and their effects the less likely potential loss will occur when the next one happens.